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Nitesh K Sharma -  Internationally Acclaimed Numerologist

Nitesh K Sharma

Also known as Alok Sharma, he receives the name “Nitesh” from his master. The power of new vibrations helped him for getting not only the materialistic gains but also empowered him to understand various mystic sciences. For ex. He receives the knowledge of Advait philosophy and Tantric Kundalini Sadhna under the guidance of none other than Maharishi Yatindra. An ardent devotee of Maharishi Raman and Holy Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, he also possesses refined understanding of Indian classical music and has been awarded by Sangeet Natak Academy in state level Percussion Recital.

“As I child, my father expanded my horizons with his knowledge of Music and philosophy. They instilled in me a strong work ethic, a standard which I always try my best to achieve in all I do”
, says Nitesh.

Being born as Piscean (Pegasus and Andromeda constellation) & extremely introvert, he always had the inherent quest for knowing the different aspects of life and during his life's journey, destiny put forward the circumstances in which he saw many faces of human life. Somebody is happy in spite of having nothing & somebody is in deep sorrow in spite of having everything. How strange it is. isn't it?
In life's journey, he got the honor to receive extremely useful and secret information regarding applied Numerology and some astrological aspects under the guidance of the legendary Naga Sanyasi, His Holiness Swami Ramkrinanand Ji of Varanasi, who taught him the importance of vibrations in the human hemisphere. As per the Science, Whole world is running on vibrations. It's the vibes(Aura) which make you perfect or imperfect. Hence he took this underlying scientific concept as a basis for all his calculations and included his concepts and calculations in his implementations. By the blessings of his Holiness & holy Arunachala, he found the most relevant scientific solutions to minimize many pains of life and started serving people with the knowledge and experience he received from his master.
In this quest, he focused on finding the remedial measures to minimize or prevention of the sorrows from the childhood itself and this is where he differ from several others Astrologers or Numerologists as the focus is now on eliminating all possible hurdles from the very start of life rather than on forecasting what lies ahead. Also, he is not confined to Numerology & Astrology only for finding the remedies, instead he analyzed & included many other areas of Energy Creation & Conservation for developing harmony to ensure Success & Growth.

He recalls many of his clients – some of them were facing the issue of hard and painful survival, some of them were not getting job, some were facing issues related to marriage , some were bearing heavy loss in their business etc, and they all by the God grace, are now extremely happy   and thanks him for his suggestions over Name, Numbers, Dates & other simple suggestions  

“ I am neither any God man nor I claim to be the best in world to change your life overnight, but I can assure that you hardly get those suggestions and pure scientific solutions anywhere, which I will mention in the report. Also, you would never need to run to any astrologer or numerologist again in your life. I insist everybody to seek the guidance of Numerology for definitely better survival. It enhances your body vibrations and aura and creates the circumstances favorable to you for making the best out of your life. You may be leading a good life already but after applying numerology and some other secrets; you will find yourself even luckier, happier and successful than before. Whether you have faith or not, you will be surprised to see the changes coming in your life just after applying some simple suggestions.” -- Nitesh K Sharma

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