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Some Interesting facts

You will be amazed to see that most of the world’s top richest person are related to numbers 1, 3, 5 and 6.
Below is the list of some richest men on the planet. See their ruling numbers.

       Abroad       In India
  1. BILL GATES – 28-1-1955 {2+8=1, Number 1}
  2. CARLOS HELU – 28-01-1940 {Number 1}
  3. WARREN BUFFETT – 30-08-1930 {Number 3}
  4. AMANCIO ORTEGA – 28-03-1936 {Number 1}
  5. MARK ZUCKERBERG – 14-5-1984 { Number 5}
  6. ROBSON WALTON – 28-10-1944 {Number 1}
  7. SHELDON ADELSON – 01-08-1933 {Number 1}
  8. PAUL GARDNER ALLEN – 21-01-1953 {Number 3}
  9. BERNARD ARNAULT – 5-3-1949 {Number 5}
  10. DAVID THOMSON – 12-06-1957 {Number 3}
  1. AZIM PREMJI – 24-07-1945 {Number 6}
  2. GAUTAM ADANI – 24-06-1962 {Number 6}
  3. RAHUL BAJAJ – 10-06-1938 {Number 1}
  4. LAXMI MITTAL – 15-06-1950 {Number 6}
  5. MUKESH AMBANI – 19-04-1957 {Number 1}
  6. K P Singh – 15-08-1931 {Number 6}

You can easily see the repetition of 1, 3, 5 and 6 numbers above. Furthermore, considers different companies in the world. You will be surprised to see that most of the world’s top companies are all related to number 1,3,5,6

  1. UNILEVER -  {Number 6}
  2. MICROSOFT -  {Number 3}
  3. TOYOTA - {Number 6}
  4. APPLE - {Number 7}
  5. WIPRO - {Number 6}
  6. WALMART -  {Number 3}
  7. WALT DISNEY - {Number 6}
  8. AUDI - {Number 3}
  9. TATA -  {Number 1}
  10. BMW -  {Number 3}
  11. GOOGLE - {Number 1}
  12. MARLBORO - {Number 1}

‘AUDI' Example: A=1, U=6, D=4, I=1}

from the above list, it is clear that most of the successful companies are associated to number 1, 3, 5 and 6 and all this cannot be just a co-incidence.

This does not mean that for to be on Top, you have to be born under such numbers only. People or any company can be equally fortunate with cosmetic alterations in existing names and hence shifting the vibrations and bring the names on more powerful and favorable numbers as per their zodiac combinations. For ex. RAYMOND’S was modified to RAYMOND to bring it on Number 24 or 6. Similarly, Reema Lamba struggled for 6 years and ultimately ended struggle with a new name, Mallika Sherawat, added to 33 !  the number Of Venus. Name of Bipasha Basu sums to 33 too.

There are many beneficiaries of numerology such as famous film producer Karan Johar, Big Boss, Superstar Aamir Khan, famous serial on Sub TV – tarak Mehta ka ooltah chasma, Emraan Hashmi, famous  actor Irfan Khan, comedian Krushna Abhishek , Salman khan’s film Dabangg and not only this even city is renamed from Bangalore to more fortunate vibrations of Bengaluru recently, to name a few. You can easily see the height these people or film or serial have attained. Even IndusInd Bank Ltd. bank has started using the concept of numerology for opening the customer account. Furthermore , cricketers are also using the power of numbers to enhance their luck impact and you can clearly see the performances of such player; be it Dinesh Kartik, Suresh Raina, Gautam Gambhir etc. I am very happy that finally people are realizing the importance of Numerology and started using this wonderful science in their life. They are not only serving themselves but also to the mankind. 

You will be amazed to see the practicality of Numerology in different aspect of human life and how it affects the humans in one way or another. For ex, finding the most relevant career or business, finding the luckier city for any individual, finding the right home for any individual, having the luckier number for vehicle , lucky dates for an interview or any important business meeting , finding most compatible marriage partner, lucky date for marriage, lucky name and date for starting business etc.

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Some Interesting Facts

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