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  "Thanks for the suggestion dear. In my opinion, the 'Mystic Secrets' section is alone very much sufficient for a blissful life. I can't deny the efficacies of numbers powers though."
- Dhiraj Pai, Valsad
"Your advice is really worth and I am really very happy to consult you. You are not only numerologer or astrologer but very helpful guide to those who acutally required. You are actually a good human being not running after money but helping people to improve their life. I will be lucky to be under your guidance in near future. Thank you Sir, It was great pleasure to consult you."
-Yogesh Sachdev
  "You are simply extraordinary. Truly incredible conclusions. I myself had read many books on Astrology but still failed to determine most favorable numbers of mine. You are really blessed by your master.”
- Nancy Gomes,  Kochi
  "Extremely Thanks for all your valuable suggestions."
- Aarti , Delhi
  "It's been the 7 months since I ordered the report and the life is not yet on track completely. But I admire you for your true intention for help and to share. "
- Mysore Jagannath, Mysore

"Mr.Nitesh suggests me for my good years and particular time for starting my business. Also he suggested me the specific time of which I have to select a girl for 3rd marriage after 2 failed marriages. Alhamdulillah, though it has taken 1.5 years but by the Grace of Allah and help of Mr.Nitesh, everything is set in my life and also there was 60% increase in my meat business in just  7 months."
- Mohammad Rashid , UAE


“My married life suffered a lot of quakes right from the beginning and we then decided to opt for divorce to end all those unexpected nonsense. We were suggested to meet the marriage counselor before applying to divorce. He while counseling suggested us to contact any good Astrologer as a possible solution together with some other solutions related to my mother in law. I meet Nitesh ji in this regard. During our meeting, along with some suggestion regarding Rudraksh, he suggested the name change only for my wife and not for me as he says my name is good enough. Things are considerably different now and we are finally leading happy married life.”
- Kamaal Seth , Mohali


"Thanks a lot sir for your kind advice. Your advice has changed the life of our daughter. In 11 months only she has shown around 50% of the improvement in her mental and physical activities. Thank you sir thanks a lot. Even doctor was very happy and surprised to see the improvement".
- Vinay Mahapatra , Haldwani

"After many unsuccessful attempts for govt. jobs, I consulted him in Oct, 2012 and followed each of his advice and by Aug 2013, I finally achieved the goal. Extremely Thanks."
- Prabha Gupta , Jaipur
"I visited Nitesh ji for naming my baby girl. The baby is doing well and since she is still a 1.5 year old so nothing can be say about her qualities right now. By seeing the potential of numerology and his intelligence, I requested him to prepare personalized report of mine. Apart from the name he has modified, one thing more I would say that I don’t know from which calculation or intuition he has predicted my existing and past events, I am surprised to see the accuracy. One thing which I kept very personal in my life and haven’t share with anybody and he told me regarding that."
- Aasit Kumar, New Delhi
"Initially I know Nitesh ji as an Engineer, later on I came to know about this side of him. Amazingly, I don’t know how he handles all these dimensions in his life. Perhaps Numerology is giving him such power. He also suggested the modified name of my son and since then he is doing tremendously good".
-Sushil Sharma, Agra
  "In 2010; I started one small media advertising group with the name “Aasmi Advertisers” as per the suggestion of Mr.Nitesh. He also suggested the logo and short initials of mine for signature purpose. Initially I started with 2 men and now in 2013, thankfully, we have increased to 16 people and managing the advertisements of major business firms, for ex. JayPee Cement, Berger paints, Asian Paints in rural areas with bit of urban areas and have raised commendable annual returns in such a short span.I really appreciate and thanks for all his suggestions.
-Amit Sharma, Agra

"Hi sir, I am doing so coooool in my life and my sister also got happily married recently. Everything is going fine. Thanks a lot sir for all the suggestions."
-Rohit Bhardwaj, Agra


"I contacted Nitesh ji first in 2008 to seek his guidance for my business growth, and by 2010 my business annual return increases approxitely thrice in 2010 compared to previous year just by relocating the firm. My family has immense faith in his suggestions and work. God bless"
-Rakesh Adani , MD 'Balaji Trevels', Mumbai

  My initial name was Tejas, picked by my grandfather. As with many, I too sacrificed a lot in my life, but still the real issue was the delayed marriage of mine. My family was very much skeptical for my marriage as one famous Astrologer had told them about “Kalsarp Dosh” and “Pitra Dosh” with some other issues in my horoscope, because of which I would not be getting compatible partner and would always remain in problems after marriage. After applying several solutions, I somehow redirected to Numerology as a last option and came across this website and consult Nitesh ji. He changed my name from ‘Tejas’ to ‘Tej’ together with some specific Rudraksh type and to my surprise, everything started to change within couple of months. In 2013 October, I happily got married and everything is on track in my life. Extremely thanks to Mr. Nitesh.
-Tej , Anantapur (A.P.)

“I know him since 7 years and my family is having immense faith in Nitesh. One thing I should point out regarding Nitesh that he never misspelled and modifies the names just to bring the favorable number, as what his master have advised him and obviously it increases lot of headache and arduous efforts for him. I think this is the main quality which puts him in different class altogether.”
- Shiv, Rohini, Delhi


"Thanks so much for your time sir. I really appreciate your insights"
- C Nadkarni, Bangalore


“Thank you Nitesh for your suggestions and clearing all my doubts related to numerology.”
- Krishnaraja, Mysore


“I want to thanks for all the hard work you have done for my daughters. By seeing the reports and their contents, I can easily conclude you put a lot of time and effort into them. I found them very insightful. Many times I felt very helpless of what to say or do for her. You have really hit things on her head and have given her so much hope and a refocus to her life. She plans to do all the things as you suggested, thanks again for clearing the dark that had surrounded her for so long! “
 - Pete mark, Oakland

  "Thank you for the readings you gave me. They have been very instrumental in guiding me throughout my life."
- S Arihant , Vellore
  "You have told me everything about myself than anyone, including my mentors and many intuitive healers. No one has told me as much as you have."
- Anupama ,Panjim

Thank you so much for the great face to face meeting we had in Sept last year!  Ruhi and I really learned a lot and included all the suggestion in our life.It was so fun talking to you."
 -Sidharth Kumar, Pune

  "Thanks Nitesh.  I'm extremely pleased with the reading and the suggestions.  I never would've known about my "power". Wasted much of the time of my life, I wish I should have found you much earlier. Anyways I felt empowered now and looking forward to play a role my destiny might have intended.  Don’t have words.."
- Vijay Mudaliar, San Diego,CA

The testimonials above include only those Clients who have agreed to reveal their Identity, subject to their Discretion. To maintain Confidentiality, Innumerable Names of other Clients are not included in this List. As per Client’s wish, name for some of the Clients has been changed due to their personal & professional reasons.

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